NBD 100 Club

Several seasons ago the Diggers committee decided to reward the players who have put in years of hard toil on the field by starting 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 Clubs. When it takes at least 9 or 10 years to get to 100 games this shows the commitment these players have shown to this club.

Unfortunately records have not been kept since the inception of Brothers Diggers in 1971/72 so we only have records going back to 1989/90 and the One Day competition held during the 1990's were not recorded either, so with the help of Bob Harding and Wilbur we have tried to make up the difference for existing players who played games during this period.

100 Club

Kev Sullivan Adrian Bidgood Tim Lincoln Corin Sankey
Brad Suhr Jamie Cooper Mark Dietz Karl Hauschildt
Shaun Reardon Wayne Hamlet Michael Osborne Kris Glass
Danny Coleborn Dean Spanner Pat Sullivan Tony Guse
Brad Spanner Peter Boland Todd Kahl Hayden Guse
Shaun Cartwright Colin Otto Terry Ganzer Ben Martin
Craig Lawler Rob Fenwick Andrew Groves Chris Hall
Dan Borey Scott Nunn Craig Schefe Jeff Philp
Ash Walker Kerry Anderson Chris Bulloch Josh Barrett
Peter Klein Justin Vaughan Wayne Greer Craig Smith
Laurie Cooper Rick Wood Brodie Clews Peter Walters
Michael Coleborn Randall Hart Matt Lyons Ben Hilsdon
Leigh Cartwright Mark Suhr Gav Steger Blake Anderson
Chris Liebke Stephen Thompson Dean White John Hill
Terry Ganzer Andrew Beezley Derek Nitschke Grant Spies
Tony Goldby Daniel Jones Jason Borey Stuart Moar
Lachlan Howell Jack Potter Todd Martens

Ben Wilkinson

Shane Walker Louis Reen Brandon Walker

Tim Hall

Connor PhilpRobert PurtleAidan WattersonKane Bradford
Brian JeansTodd HamletJordan Wikaire